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It’s sembreak. :>

I can do all these. Now I’m stress-free and ready to face my last sem in UP. Bring it on!



I will write my yesterday in bullets

  • went to EKs’s for her debut. Party party!
  • woke up late so bla, I did not make ligo. 😛
  • went at Cleve’s first to meet TUKS there and to make ligo. xDDD
  • had the ride of our life. HELLO EKS WHERE DO YOU LIVE? =)))))
  • long tricycle ride is long.
  • from Cherubin Homes, Bulacan, we passed through a gate then poof, we’re in North Caloocan. O_o
  • instant make-up artist/party planner/organizer/debutante’s mom
  • sang my song. I MUST STICK WIT UUUUUUUUU!
  • sleep over with TUKS minus the sleep. HELLO KASABAWAN, I mean LEI, I missed you. :> Hello Mudir I missed you too. :>
  • heart to heart TUKSiTALK
  • I MISSED TUKS. 🙂 :’)
  • tawanang walang humpay wagas laaaaaang. “MAY PHRASES NA PALA SA PINOY HENYO” =)))))))))))))
  • slept at 5am. 4:30am: “Jogging tayo ng 5am. Wag na matulog.” 4:45aam: “Wag ng magjogging walang rubber shoes matulog na tayo.” =)))))
  • woken up by the sound of plates crashing.
  • ligo sa labas ng bahay laro-laro ang fun ulitin natin ang fun ang fun ang fuuuuun!
  • loooooooong ride again. 😐

TUKS is family. ❤ I love you. 🙂

Hi there wordpress! Yuuu. This is just a sabaw-cause-I-have-nothing-to-do-so-I-will-make-kwento-in-my-blog blogpost. Wiiii~

Anyhoo, yesterday I traveled to Batangas alone. Why? Because I can and I want to. Hoho. But seriously, it was my lola’s death anniversary and my parents were already there a day before. I just had to fix some things at school so I told them that I will just go there alone. Yey me. Yes, I’m an adventure seeker. I really like travelling to different places alone because I sometimes want to get lost so I can find my way back. Yuuuh, I’m a weirdo. :> Blahblahblah. I was supposed to leave UPM at around 3pm but someone *ehemPAOSEEehem* xD delayed my departure. Haha. But ’twas fun though. Checking the exam papers is a very entertaining task. 😉 Lalalala. So, I left UPM seven minutes past four. Vroooom! I half walked-half ran to the LRT station. My nanay kept on calling me like yeah! I took the train to Gil Puyat/Buendia cause my mom said so and I am quite sure that time that there ‘are many’ (emphasis on the ‘are many’) buses there. Upon arriving at Gil Puyat station, it dawned on me that I really don’t know where to search for the bus I need to board. Hurrah. Searchsearchsearch. i went to the first station that caught my eye. Boo. The buses there were Laguna-bound. Searchsearchsearch. I saw another. Yes! BATANGAS! But it was not the bus I need to ride.

“Kuya, Tanauan po?”

“Wala nun dito miss.”


“Dun sa tapat meron”

:D:D Yea! \m/

I hurriedly crossed the street *toot**honk**hoy!*. Yea, I nearly got hit. Yey! xD Cabuyao. Balibago. Lipa. Lemery… … … LIPA-TANAUAN. YES! FINALY! I look at the sign board twice just to make sure. The driver gave me a puzzled look.

“Kuya, Tanauan po?”

“Oo.” 🙂

Yesssss! I’m awesome! :D:D

And then I climbed on the train. Yuurah! 😀 There were only two passengers, i9ncluding me. 😐 K, I’m gonna wait. Boo. Tagaaaaal. Many annoying vendors climed up and down the train. Pabalikbalikbalikbalikbalik. “HINDI PO AKO BIBILI. PERIOD.” I was hoping and praying that a girl/lady would sit beside me. Pleasepleaseplease. Then an old man came and sat beside me. *sigh* At least he looks nice. After 356,000 years *kidding* the bus finally moved! YEHEY!

“Manong! Yung kasama ko bumili lang ng tubig! Sandali lang po!”

FFFFUUUU! The bus stopped again! For like 132 years we were waiting for that freakin ‘kasama’ who made bili ng water. Grrr. At last! He/she (can’t remember) was finally there! *applause* So so so, yeah! Game face on! Hello 2 hours of travel! \m/

I had my shades on so I pretended to be asleep, so as not to be bothered by anyone. Yuuu. Then the bus conductor came up and asked us our destination.

Manong beside me: “Tanauan”

Me: :>>>>

Bus conductor: “Ma’am kayo po?”

Me: “Tanauan”

Manong beside me: *amazed* “Sa Tanauan ka din?!”

Me: *grins*

Raaaaawr. The trip was like forever. Luckily, there was a TV and a DVD on board and Clash of the Titans was being played. Hello nice movie, but wth, sounds please? Blahblahblah. I rummaged my bag to look for my iPod. Woo, there you are! And listened to it for the rest of the trip.


Bzzzzzt. Fast forward.

Yey! I’m finally here! :D:D


Me: “Nanay! Asan ka na?! Dito na kooooo. :/”

Nanay: “O sige anjan na.’

Waiting… waiting… waiting… Yuuur~ I look like an emo girl from the movies waiting for his guy savior whatever to fetch her at the bus stop. Luuuuu. /wrist BWAHAHA! >:))) My cousin owns a tricycle so that was what my nanay used (of course with my cousin driving) to fetch me. Another loooooooong… loooooooooong….. looooooooong ride.

Me: “Malayo pa?”

Nanay: “Oo.”

After 5 minutes.

Me: “Malapit na?”

Nanay: “Hindi pa.”

I asked this question for like a gazillion times! Wooo! LAYOOOOOO. 😐 When finally…

…. YEY WERE HERE! WOOOOOOO! *parteeeey*

And everything was worth it because I got to eat a fried and an inihaw na tilapia, both which are superr fresh. YUM! Anddddd, that’s about it. 🙂 I just spent the night there and early next morning we packed our bags and went home. Another long, long, long, long… ooopppps! ’twas-kinda-shorter-cause-it’s morning travel from Batangas to Pateros.

The End. *clap* *u*

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