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Lady Luck.

Posted on: October 28, 2011

After months of being super unlucky, super BV, and super sad, finally, I’m receiving quite a lot of good news this past few weeks. Last week, I was so afraid of my grades because I know that I did not do good this semester. I was too preoccupied with other things and other responsibilities and my acads had been the least of my priorities. But like a said, lady luck must be on my side right now.


I have this super early morning class (8:30-10:00) that I usually miss or be late to. My professor always teases me and scares me that I will be dropped from that subject or I will fail because of my absences and lates. But, I still got a 1.75! I was so happy because I was just hoping to pass. Really, during last sem, I was just hoping to get atleast a 3.0 in all my subjects cause of the effort (or lack thereof) that I exerted.

Same with the other subject with the same professor. He always gives this mind-blowing quizzes that I usually flunk, or even if I get a high score, someone will always be higher than me so it won’t matter cause he’ll just collect paper/s the highest scorer/s. But during the last quiz, I got to pass my quiz paper! That is one of my dreams and goals for this sem and I’m glad I have achieved it. And I also got a 1.75 for my final grade. Happiness! ❤

Another thing that got me so happy this sem was when I got a perfect score on an essay question in the exam of one of my favorite professors. He was known for scrutinizing every detail of the essay, even the grammar, and getting a perfect score in one of his essay questions is really a big deal for me because I had this thing that I want to prove something to him (mehehe). But the final grade of 2.0 did not surprise me cause I usually get this kind of grade from him. But I’m still very thankful nonetheless. 😀 ❤

Then, yesterday, I learned that I got a 1.75 grade on a subject that I’m so positive I will just tres. I took the removal exams for that subject cause I didn’t study well for the finals so I was really sure that I won’t get a grade higher than the passing. But, thankfully, I got a 1.75  I know I could’ve gotten something hiugher, but with my performance this last sem, this was really really surprising. I’m just so lucky. ❤

I’ve written earlier that I just passed my last requirement for my thesis proposal class. Again, I was just hoping to pass, and I was conditioned to get a grade of 3.0. Buuuut, because GOD is EXTREMELY GOOD, I got a call from my partner Mudir today, saying that I got a 2.0 on my thesis proposal! WTFudge right! And when I check my gmail I saw an email from my professor saying that my paper had a big improvement. That’s so heartwarming especially because it came from my very strict but kind and sweet professor. 🙂 :”> Now I’m quite sure that I will graduate on time because this is the best assurance ever.


Now I promise that I will really work hard next sem. Tho I know that I will not reach the cum laude standing, I still wanna work hard so I can atleast be a College Scholar even for just one sem.

And, because I was so inspired with how things turned out, I want to work hard to achieve the Best Thesis award for our batch. Jk. But really, I will strive hard to atleast be nominated. Please please please stay with me positive vibes. Inspirations flood me!


So that’s it. I just want to share my happiness to the world. ❤

Motivatiooooooon! 😀


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